Pimoroni case, how is it supposed to work

I am trying to assemble the case. I can see that there ae 3 bits labelled 0,1,2 with another thin, clear in numbered bit. I tried assembling with bit zero at the bottom, Pi, bit 1, bit 2 but bit 1 does not fit around the board and if it did, it would be impossible to fit camera lead or insert/remove SD card. Am I supposed to cut bits out of bit 1 or what? Also where is the un numbered thin clear piece to go?

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It’s not the clearest image in the world, but the product page has:

And there’s an assembly guide here: https://learn.pimoroni.com/tutorial/sandyj/pibow-zero-assembly

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Which case did you get and what model Pi is it? I ask because the earlier cases won’t fit on a Pi Zero W. And the newest Zero W PIBOW likely won’t fit on an older model Zero.

If you want to be able to remove the Micro SD card “without” having to take the case apart, yes you will have to cut some bits out. I did it to mine with my dremel tool. I cut the two middle layers. I still need to use tweezers or forceps to get it out though. I have access to the camera connector. It might be a little tricky attaching the cable but I can see the locking bar. I’d probably attach the cable before putting the case on.

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It is a Pi zero that I purchased 2 days ago as a complete starter kit (21st Jan 2018). According to the assembly guide layer 1 should fit around the Pi board, it doesn’t. Also it shows the clear (thin) plastic as going under Pi, this makes no sense as the cut outs are only used if it is above Pi board. I can see that for the case to be useful it will have to be cut but it is sold as a starter kit which it obviously is not.

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There’s definitely no cutting needed with the Pibow, I have 3.

I have to disassemble mine to get to the SD card but other than that it fits perfectly.

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Either case has been changed or the board has changed because it just doesn’t fit. The only way it will be useable is to cut layer 1 and sculpt corners for board to fit.

Photo to illustrate problem.

That looks off! It could be warping due to heat in the laser cut. I’ve placed an order for a replacement and you should get a confirmation email shortly.

Mine was an older PIBOW case mounted on a newer Pi Zero W. Too cheap to buy a new case lol. I was going to cut the layer that sits on top of the Pi anyway. So while I was at it I notched it so I could get access to the SD card. Hard to say if it was really worth it? I can’t pull the card out with just my fingers. I need tweezers etc. I don’t have to take the case all apart though, so you decide.
I seem to have lost that thin clear section? I remember it now that you mention it, and don’t remember having any problems using it. Flip it around 180 and see if it then fits? There should be nothing under the GPIO header and the 3 small square notches should be under the HDMI and USB connectors.
Do you have a small file handy? A fingernail file will likely do. Then just file that orange layer a little to make it fit.

Thank you, nobody believed me till I posted photos. 👍


Sorry, just realised I hadn’t actually acknowledged your post, my apologies and thank you.