PiBow Zero W doesn't fit raspberyy pi zero w

I already made a support ticket about this ,
but I was just wondering on whether I was actually in the wrong.
I ordered a pi zero w and pibow zero w, and the pi zero w doesn’t fit the pibow zero w!
The ribbon cable connector makes the pi zero w too long!.
My pi zero w is listed as v 1.1 so I don’t think buying the v1.3 case would help.

Was I mistaken in buying the pibow zero w?


Might be possible that your ribbon connector is open. Gently push it closed and try again.

That was it thanks!

You didn’t maybe, mix up the layers? Have to ask. It’s been done in the past, and easy to do. I have the older Pibow Zero case and didn’t have to do anything around the camera connector. I had to cut some bits off at the other end to get it to fit a Zero W though.

Haha thanks for all your help but as it turns out gadgetzoid was correct and the black bit on the cable wasn’t properly pushed in.