Power adapter with pibow coupe B+


I received a pibow coupé for my raspberry pi 2 today, Everything seems good, but when I assemble the case, I find my power adapter does not fit. When assembled, the power adapter lies right up against one of the layers. For micro USB cables its any height to them, it is very hard to make a fit. My USB cable looks like this:

When assembled, the port is flush against the bottom of the layer, but inset from the edge of the case.


This means that upon attempting to plug in the pi, the cable can only fit this far:


Note: some images are marked as code because otherwise I run into image limits as a new user.


Something is not right, the layer marked ‘2’ should be recessed, similar to layer 3 and 4 (and the Coupé top itself).

… I’d shoot an email to support with your order number.


Hum… could it be that you flipped layer 2 upside down and the cut out is at the top? Make sure all the numbers are readable in top left corner when stacking layers, could be the problem!


Thanks for your swift response, I’ll check.


Wow, that was exactly it… I feel pretty silly now. Thanks a lot!


You’re not the first person who’s done it. :-)