Non fitting pibow top layer


Hi I bought a Pi 3 A+ plus a Pibow. On the top layer the cut out for the HDMI socket is too small (front to back). In trying to ease the layers together the L shaped bit that goes round the camera port broke off (even then the top layer didn’t fit).


Coupe Ninja 3A+ case here, and no issues assembling it.
Did you maybe get one layer reversed / upside down? Layer 3 maybe?
All the numbers go on the top side of the layer and top left corner I think?
Pictures of what didn’t fit might help?


Its the clear top layer that doesn’t fit.
A is the back of the HDMI port and B is roughly in line with where the cut-out for the HDMI port finishes. The cut-out is 2-3mm short


I have to ask the obvious, all the bolt holes lined up?
I do mine opposite to how they usually show it. I put the bolts through the bottom layer pointing up.
Then stack one at a time on the bolts. inserting the Pi when needed. Then put the nuts on last, on top.

Anyway, it sounds like a manufacturing error, miss cut layer or something?. Go to the Shop page and look for a contact us link at the bottom. Click that and e-mail Pimoroni directly with your issue. I’d put a link to this thread in there too. Then see what they say.


Another option is to take a small file and make it fit. ;) A finger nail file might even do it.
I have a Dremel tool with a box full of attachments. Cutting wheels, grinding sanding wheels etc. Comes in real handy when I want to modify something for a project. I’ve lost track of how many Ninga difussers I’ve cut down to fit an A+ or put holes in to mount a camera on the back side etc.
On the older Pibows I used it to cut a square hole for a heat sink. They do that for you now which is cool, pun intended. ;)