Layers (or possibly "lairs" if you're Mary Berry)

Hello Lovely Pimoroni People,

Please may I ask…

Does anyone know if the 3.5" top layer from the PiBow TFT+ comes with the “PiTFT Plus layers” modification layers pack?

I had a spare 3.5" top layer from my old Pibow TFT and added it to another pibow to allow a hyperpixel to be fitted (it’s a little bit snug but it fits!) and accesible, so I was wondering if I could buy another 1 or 2 for more hyperpixel-in-a-case goodness… :)

Also, is it possible to purchase the top layer which comes with the Pibow Candy cases separately? They’ve got that great rpi logo cut-out which the regular pibows don’t have.

Cheers in advance for the help! :)

How does the Hyper Pixel screen line up inside the standard 3.5 inch TFT cases? I was wondering as it looks like its a little offset compared to the other screens.

The best option for HyperPixel is a full-size Pibow, with a height extension layer. We can’t sell specific tops like the Candy one separately, unfortunately. :-(

How I fitted my HyperPixel onto my PiBow Coupe:

  1. Push header extender onto your Pi (or push into Hyperpixel)

  2. Stick small square of foam onto the corner of the LAN socket.

  1. Carefully undo 3 of the bolts holding the Pibow together so you can swing the bottom plate out of the way. Thread the bolt trough the mounting hole on the Pi nearest to power socket. Screw on the nut till the length of exposssed bolt matches the height of the LAN socket and foam pad. Redo the 3 PiBow bolts.

  1. Carefully mount the Hyperpixel onto the Pi so it is supported by the LAN socket and the bolt


Yes, I believe it does!

No probs, and thanks for replying. :)

I’ve got a couple of the height extension layers somewhere, so I’ll try those instead of the 3.5" layer in a bit. I think you’re correct, they’ll fit around the screen a bit less snug and things might be better for it.

The spare 3.5" layer from the pibow PiTFT+ does fit okay though, it’s just a little (very sub-millimeter) snug.

In case anyone else is daft enough to try and do the same as me…

I put a normal PiBow case together put in the pi as usual but without the regular top layer, I sloted the nylon bolts through from the bottom upwards while I was building it, to keep everything together. Then I slotted in the hyperpixel, using the foam pad and the screw (you have to cut it to exactly the correct length, so make sure to measure it) from the Hyperpixel kit to prop up the bottom corners properly, and added the alternative 3.5" top layer on last. I removed and reinserted the bolts, one at a time, from the top down once everything was in place. Looks like this when it’s done, no glue and no bodging:


Going to use it as a status screen for my CD-ripper/DLNA box (as soon as i get time to update my scripts!) which was previously headless.

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Cheers for the reply and the info. :)