Hyperpixel - what is the black sticker for/screen rotation and will there be a case for it?

I’m very impressed with the quality of this screen, I am playing retropie games on it and it is absolutely fantastic for that, miles above any other screen I have ever used

  1. What is the black sticker on the left hand side of the screen? I feel its a little ugly and I would like to remove it, however it doesn’t remove easily, is there any reason for this? Is it covering anything important?

  2. Please can you tell me how to rotate the screen 180 degrees so that the power lead is on top of the screen?

  3. Will you be making a case for this and the raspberry pi along the lines of your pibow case?

You can make a rudimentary case already using a normal pi now with two height extension layers

I would also like to know about the black sticker

  1. It covers a ribbon cable for the touch overlay. Removing it will make the touchscreen goes bonkers, so absolutely DON’T REMOVE IT!

  2. You can sudo nano /boot/config.txt and then add display_rotate=2 to the bottom of the file, then sudo reboot for the changes to take effect.

  3. The HyperPixel fits in the regular Pibow, as @pi2003 says, with the addition of a height extension layer. We’re hoping to release an add-on pack that will contain that layer plus a thin polypropylene shim layer to cover the metal surround of the display, but we’re still investigating the best way to get the shim layer cut (laser-cut vs. die-cut).

You can also find how to rotate the touch input in a similar manner here: Hyper Pixel - Rotate

Thank you for the quick and very helpful reply however are you referring to the pibow case with two extension layers or the pibow pitft+ case?

Could these extension layers also be used with the Pibow coupé? Upfront, this might seem to be a strange question, but unfortunately you don’t sell the nice color range for the Pibow that is available with the coupé.

And with transparent extension layers, the optical impression of the coupé might be preserved. So, any chance of either seeing a broader selection of Pibow colors or alternatively transparent HyperPixel extension layers?

@uncleron: The standard Pibow 3 with one extension layer!

@thediveo: It’s unlikely that we’ll expand the Pibow colour selection. You certainly could use a Coupé, although you’d then require six height extension layers to get to the correct height.

@sandyjmacdonald thanks for the info and good to know how many layers I need to order with the HyperPixel layers when it comes available.

Since the product page for the height extension layers doesn’t mention it: how many layers are in a single pack?

display_rotate=2 is already in the boot/config.txt file for the default rotation.
I worked out that display_rotate=0 is the correct syntax if one wants the power lead to be on top of the screen
Also, and I have just assembled this - it fits very well into the pibow pitft+case!

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone used touch pen with hyperpixel? My small fingers are way to big to correctly navigate the screen and i don’t have any pen around to test!

I’m a little worried by the comment DO NOT REMOVE the black sticker over the touchscreen ribbon cable.
When I carefully peeled of the clear protective film from the screen using the green tab, the black sticker was trapped under the edge of the film and it ripped the black sticker straight across the metal frame edge. I think the black sticker was stuck slightly on top of the screen protector. There wasn’t anything that told me how to remove the film and in which direction. I immediately thought I’d ripped the touch ribbon cable off completely!
The display and touch screen seem to work fine, so me sticking it back down again seems to have saved a broken touch layer.
Perhaps you could make this clear in some extra instructions? This might avoid things getting broken straight out of the box. It’s a relatively expensive and delicate piece of kit so it needs to be looked after a little bit more carefully than other bits.