Cases For Hyperpixel 4.0


I was wondering if there is a compatible case for the Hyperpixel 4.0 which will also hold a Pi as well like the
Pibow PiTFT+ or does it fit inside the TFT case?


I too have been looking for one. Even a model file would suffice, as then I could 3D print it.


Me too… I would love a PiBow for the hyperpixel!


Just bought an Hyperpixel 4 and would like to rpotect it. Are there any updates on this topic?



Sincerely hoping for one, too.


If you have the touch version and or don’t want a clear cover, I would imagine it would fit on top of a PIBOW case. Just leave the clear top cover off of this one.

I don’t think it will fit inside though. It looks like it overhangs on the end where you insert the Micro SD card in the Pi.
It somebody wants to try it, it might not hurt to order a height extension or two.
I’m kind of thinking you won’t need one though. Maybe swap the top clear cover for an open extension.

I have that Pibow Ninga case. I can get a tape measure out and get its dimensions if somebody wants them I don’t own a Hyperpixel or I’d test fit it.


For the new HyperPixel 4" I haven’t found a readily available case to buy. The Pibow will not accommodate this larger display as this is wider than the Pi.
There is a 3D design made available by superwoodle at Thingiverse. My experience was not good. I can not tell if the problem is in the 3D file or the actual execution (I order my online from a 3D shop). I will probably try to get another print and try it again. The screen did not fit at all, for about 2 mm. You can find the file in the link below (you may have better luck!!!)