Pi cases to go with LCD display case?

I was looking at this display case:

Like other display cases for the 7" LCD on the market, this shows the Raspberry Pi exposed in the back. Does anyone know if a regular Pi case can be mated with this to close it up? I don’t want all that exposed. Ideally, it would look somewhat professional!

The case would also need to support a regular HAT audio module of my choosing.

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You can use one of our Pibow to enclose the Pi. If you want the HAT to be enclosed inside then a regular full model is what you’d need. If you want the HAT easily accessible, because you want to swap it regularly, or say access cap touch inputs then a ‘Coupé’ will work too.

Are there other cases? Or just the Pibow?

And thanks!!

Most cases are not designed to be mounted on the back of the display. To be fair, the pibow wasn’t either, but since it always had mounting holes to match the Pi, it is possible to mount it so without modification.

… that’s not to say, you can’t mod some other cases, but I can’t advise you properly on what might work, with a little, or not so little, dremel job.

If this helps I took a pic of my current setup:

it’s a Midnight Coupé (because easy access to GPIO is paramount for me), with a protective layer raised up. The result is about as deep as a full Pibow would be and will allow the stand to rest as designed.

OK thanks That helps. I’d prefer something enclosed in black to match, so I’ll see what works on adafruit.com