Raspberry Pi and LCD Display contained in one case

Does anyone know where I might be able to get my hands on a case that is able to have the Raspberry Pi and the LCD display screen.

I was hoping to get a Qubit case, but the website domain for them hasn’t been renewed, and they are showing as being no longer available on AliExpress.

Being able to use the touchscreen isn’t necessary, but is a nice thing to have.


I am using this one sold by modmypi.com


There are others but they cover less and leave more exposed such as the ones made by Pimoroni https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/raspberry-pi-7-touchscreen-display-with-frame


Thanks for that, I was hoping to get something a little more flat, rather than having a big block on the back of the screen.

For example the screen on top and then the raspberry pi on the left and the display board on the right next to each other and then all enclosed together. Similar like the item in my first post.

How about the SmartiPi Touch?

Incidentally I believe we’ll have some of those in stock when they hit retail, I’ll confirm tomorrow with the guys!

The SmartiPi Touch is in da house:

Whilst that is a nice solution I’d prefer something flat like the pibow, just oversized so that it can fit the pi and the controller and the screen in the top.

In my mind it would be a standard pi and same screen and controller that the picade uses, just in one nice neat case.

I can’t be the only one that thinks it’s a good useful idea surely?

Ok ok! I know I am 6 years ish late to the chat but none of those ones you listed are very good for a lcd screen as well. I would order a bunch of Lego bricks and then builds them into a case. I would do that as if you need to add anything else into the case - you don’t have to buy it + if you need to get a taller or wider case you can just build onto it. So you make sure you get enough I would use Bricklink’s stud.io platform (Studio Download [BrickLink]) and Lego’s Pick A Brick platform (https://www.lego.com/en-gb/page/static/Pick-a-Brick?icmp=HP-SHQL-EG-NO-pick-a-120)