Miniature, display integrated into display case

I’m looking for the simplest way to create a digital picture frame from a miniature, IPS or TFT LCD display. Thus far, I’ve come across the Pyxis 7" Smart Display Module, the Pimoroni PIM370 looks like a potential option as well. Needs embedded controller board that accepts either SD card or a file via micro/mini USB. Low power is essential, will run off either a power bank or battery holder. Thank you!

This, maybe?
Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen Display – Pimoroni
Pibow Touchscreen Frame – Pimoroni

If you go with the Pi Foundation Screen, don’t use a Pi Zero. It doesn’t have a DSI port. A Pi 3A+ is IMHO a good option. It’s a balance between performance and the low power requirement. I have several in use here running Motion Eye OS headless. None on battery though. I like the smaller footprint as I don’t need all those extra ports. And the cost saving over a 3B or 4B.

Thank you for your feedback!

I have two of the 7 inch Pi foundation screens. One is in a SmartiPi V2 case, that I like a lot. The other one is mounted to an open beam aluminum frame. I wish the screen resolution was a little higher, but other than that its not bad. Having just the one DSI ribbon cable for the video and touch is nice. No HDMI cable or USB cable sticking out the side etc.
My one big beef is the lack of touch support in PiOS. The display supports 10 finger touch but all you get in PiOS is one finger, and no right click etc. It will be the same deal with any touch screen though. It’s just something that bugs me to no end.

Adafruit have a bunch of PiTFT displays that plug into the GPIO header. Small 3 inch or so displays. Getting a case / cover for them can be an issue though.
Pimoroni sell some of them so this link should be alright to post. I also post links to Pimoroni products on the Adafruit forum. ;)
They also sell this