5" Screen Help

Hi everyone

First time poster here, so please be gentle!

Im on the lookout for a 5" screen to use with a Pi 3 which will conenct to the 2x20 connector. Not too fussed about it being touch, but if it is then thats fine. Also looking for a case for it all too as I want to use it as a remote monitoring screen for my PC but that will sit outside of the PC case. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Something like in the link below but a bigger size would be perfect.

Thanks everyone

If you go bigger, like say the Pi foundation 7 inch touch screen, there are lots of cases out there for it. Built in support in PiOS for it too, plug and play.

I have this one and really like it a lot. Very good quality IMHO.

Im not ruling 7" out. Might be bigger than what I really need, but still an option. My main requirement is to be able to run the screen and Pi all from a USB connected to my PC. I need to keep the wires to a bare minimum.

The 7" screens dont run from the 2x20 connector as far as I can see. How do they get their power and display from the Pi? Could I mount one in the case like youve sent links to, but have any cables tucked behind the case? Not the best description sorry, but not sure how else to describe it!

The Pi foundation screen uses the DSI connector for the video and touch. Power is either via jumpers +5V and Ground, from the GPIO to pins on the display driver board. Or via the displays Micro USB power jack.
The SmartiPi case comes with two power splitter cables that will let you power the display from a Pi Power Supply. One works with a Pi 4 power supply and the other with a Pi 3 power supply.
Like this one

Looking farther afield, it seems to me that most every LCD screen 5" and larger would be driven via HDMI rather than GPIO, simply because SPI is hard-pressed to drive even mid-res displays (720p-ish) at 30 fps. It also helps that using HDMI allows manufacturers to sell in other markets than just RPi. (This is probably the same reason you don’t see more DSI-based LCD displays.)

For those displays, the connections are generally:

  • HDMI for video
  • USB for power (and touch interface, if present)

More RPi-oriented screens even have ready-made mounts and possibly custom cables, so you only have one power cable snaking out. For instance, here’s the one I bought:

If you’re willing to consider products in this area, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

I thought 5" would be the sweet spot size wise but if theres next to no screens in that size that fit the bill, then of course Im open to other scenarios.

Ultimately I want the screen to be housed in a case (white preferably as everything in my room is white) with the Pi on the back of the screen, either in the case or mounted to it. Im not too fussy there as it wont be on display. If all that can be powered from a USB lead to my PC, then Im all ears.

Something like this would be sweet

Waveshare’s got lots of displays 5" and larger. I think they’re one of the major manufacturers of LCD displays for embedded applications; the Pi Hut one you posted is made by them. Happy shopping!

Oh, and this is the one I bought, in case you’re interested: