Seeking display for Pi Setup only

I am looking for a display which will work with both the Raspberry Pi Zero W and the Pi 4.

I would strongly prefer it to fit the GPIO header, rather than use the HDMI sockets (or different kinds on different Pis), but could live with the latter if there is a major price advantage.

This will only ever be used to set up the device (with Noobs), so needs to work (with Noobs) without having to install an drivers or configure anything.

I guess that 5" or 7" would be enough, but really am just looking for something cheap, as it will be rarely used. I don’t need touchscreen, as I have the official pi keyboard & mouse.

What are my options?

I don’t know if things have changed, but in the past any display connected via the GPIO required a custom kernel and or drivers installed for it to work. I don’t know of any that are plug and play via the GPIO.
You weren’t considering it but DSI is out as the Pi Zero doesn’t have one.
HDMI would be the way I would go. There are 5 and 7 inch screens out there. Bummer needing 3 different cables or adapters though to cover all the current Pi editions.

I had one of these at one time, I had the touch version. Might have to make a stand for it though. Mine was mounted to an open beam frame.

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I think it depends on what you want to spend and quality. I have used a few 3.5", 4.3" & 7" back up camera automobile dash monitors. The hack up easy and cheap. You can use the A/V port on full size raspberry pi’s and TV on pi zero. Attach the Video out for your Pi on the right end of the board just below the GPIO. you see 4 unopulated holes. 2 for reset and 2 for TV. These are cheap and so is the screen quality. usually $12 to $35. On the 4.3 I hack the 5v out on the PCB of these to power Pi Zeros from. These are 6v-12v powered but sometimes 5v works.
The Adafruit backpacks are nice. If you feel like spending closer to $100+ the linksprite has an indutrial grade to784 digital display that is solid. metal housing w hdmi,vga,a/v and a 5v 2amp USB out. 7" but seems large then some. touch support (and kernal/drivers included for touch). Serious overkill. Designed for various SBCs by PcDuino, This is heavy.
My personal opinion is a 7" adafruit backpack and go via HDMI. I use U hdmi adapters to keep everything in back. Its better quality then the back up cam monitors, light weight and universal.
The TO784 screen would be best for a finish designed unit, extremely durable heavy duty case with mounting holes. Industrial Feel and duty. Perfect for an ambliance cop car or delorian.
I never tried the newer larger screens for the retrocades. That might be the nicest option.

I just recently bought my second Pi Foundation 7 inch touch screen. I’ve had a version one for years, it replaced the Adafruit screen I linked to above. The new one went into a SmartiPi V2 touch screen case with a Pi 4 4B 4 gig. Nice portable compact setup. My plan is to use it to program my Arduino’s and Micro Bits. And do a few other odds and ends tasks on it.
One thing that kind of annoys me is the lack of touch functionality on the “Official” Pi foundation screen. It supports 10 point touch, hardware wise, but its not made use of in Raspbian. Just right clicking is a PITA without a mouse attached. =(

i bought a cheap USB cordd silicon keyboard for a bartop arcade cabinet with the official 7" touch. its a great match for me because it has the right & left click on the silicon keyboard. it rolls up and stashes in the cabinet well. easy to add in a project hat already has a touch screen (so you don’t need a mouse or touch pad) .
I find the 7" too small to use the matchbox keyboard comfortably. So I usually use the small wireless keyboards with touchpad and media(volume etc) buttons too (with dongle included) like ones from rii.
I use these for practically everything.

I’ll have a Logitech K400 plugged in anyway. It has a touchpad with the mouse buttons where the number pad would be.
It’s just one of those things that bugs me. An Official screen running the Official OS but no real touch support to speak of?