Stand-alone Pibow for 8’’ and 10’’ hdmi (picade) displays

Everything in the title, really.

It would be great to have standalone pibow like acrylic “cases” or frames for these great displays!

It could be great to use even with the Raspberry Pi 400s!

Ditto to the above. It would tip the balance for me to finally buy one or two of them. I’m on the wall at the moment mulling over how to mount them.

Yeah this sounds like a great idea, possibly something like the frame Pimoroni already sell for the 7" official touchscreen?

I have an official touchscreen mounted in one of those and it works really well. They would just need to make it a bit bigger for the 8" and 10" Picade screens.

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I have a SmartiPi V2 with the official 7 inch touch screen. I also have another official screen bolted to an open beam aluminum frame. Looks kind of industrial almost steam punkish.

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Indeed! Very stylish 👍

I feel enclosures, cases, fixtures et al. are one of the most challenging aspects of almost every project.

I’ve had that for a long time, one of the first projects I did Pi wise. I’ve tested a lot of future builds on it. It’s just portable enough that its not a pain to move around. I take it out on my deck in the summer.
I was looking at this for a frame for one or two of those screens.
Totem Maker Kit (975pcs) – Pimoroni

Yes! Been looking at that system for a while also. Resonates with my Lego childhood, I guess :)

A bit pricey but checking it out again, thanks.

I bought my Open Beam at Adafruit, but they don’t sell it anymore.
OpenBeam Advanced Precut Kit - Black Aluminum : ID 1275 : $149.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

I also made a laptop cooling stand, and a stand for my laptops second portable screen. And a stand for my Pi Foundation HQ Camera, don’t have a picture though. Not much of that original kit left now.
I imagine you can do similar with that other kit.

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just found an illustration for something similar.

Too bad I can’t use pre-cut kit, though, as beam max length doesn’t cover the 8’’ display dimensions. Also, I would still need a front acrylic piece for protection.

Decisions, decisions

Exactly that!

Would just cut the margins as close to the screens dimensions as possible and have a convenient fixture for the LVDS board, and maybe switch board!

The Totem has precut and non precut kits. If I buy one it will be the cut it yourself version.