Purchase advice - Finding a case

I already own a RPi 3 and an IQAudio PiDAC+, and I’d like to get a display for the Pi, probably a Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen with stand

I’m looking at getting a Pibow Audio case to mount the whole affair in, and was wondering if anyone has a similar setup, or if there’s any word on compatibility.

The use case is to run RuneAudio or similar with a network connection to a NAS box.

Thanks in advance.

You can attach Pibows straight onto the Screen display stand. :)
And if you went for a noir display stand, they’d both match.


But if it’s an old IQ Pibow it may not fit a raspi 3

Yeah, I had a setup like that not that long ago, the overall depth is just short enough for the stand to rest.

Right now the Pibow Audio is out of stock, and would presume the next time they are cut and available they will be Rpi3 ready, although to be honest it is trivial to file layer 3 about half a mil to give the wifi/BT SMT enough clearance.