IQaudIO DAC+ Screws and PCB Spacers


New here. I have a query about a purchase.

Just purchased the amazing IQaudIO DAC+ for the pi from Pimoroni shop and according to the installation guide on the IQaudIO website it should have been supplied with 4x PCB spacers and 8x Screws for mounting however I did not receive this with the board. Do I need to buy these components separately because I bought the board from Pimoroni shop? Or should I have these mounting components?

It works fine mounted on the GPIO however I am worried about how secure it is just leaving it to lean on the GPIO pins where it could bend the pins if there is movement so I will not leave it permanently mounted until I find some screws and spacers of the right size. I am also concerned that the missing components might be necessary for attaching to a case, I have been considering the pibow audio case.

I’m fairly sure the kit should include spacers, just shoot an email to and they’ll sort you out!

Great. What I feared would happen has happened. My GPIO pins are bent. I could desolder and solder on a new male header like with the Pi zero. Any suggestions? Also I read the fine print of the DAC product page, it implies the circuit board does not come with mounting hardware and mentions a case should be bought. I bought pibow audio and when assembling the case (which wouldn’t even fit the DAC whatever I did it only fit the pie) two separate layers snapped. Too fragile. Knew I should have got this other case from modmypie.

hum, the pibow audio should definitely fit! did you remove the clear film on the pibow layers before assembly? Also, what Pi are you using, we have revised the case for the Pi 3 earlier this year and if you purchased the case from somewhere else it is possible their stock is only OK for Pi2.

Either way, we can sort you out, just send an email to support and tell them which layers you need (the ones that snapped), and request a layer 3 in addition (that’s the one sitting flush above PCB) to stop with your own in case it’s a ‘Pi2 only’ type…