Pibow audio with DAC+ & IR reciever


hello, i have been a fan of the pibow since i cut my first one at my local library out of the pattern available on thingiverse.

i recently assembled the pibow i ordered last month, and im having an issue because the case is too small to fit pidac+ and the soldered ir reciever.

heres some pics of what it looks like

unfortunately, i cant embed more than one image so all the images and their respective notes are on this site i just threw together

i would be willing to modify these (like i did to the original on thingiverse to accomodate a slim SD card (like adafriuts one, its double high)) and cut them at the library.
however i dont have the needed files.

on the other hand if pimoroni would be willing to design them and i pay for these, however because i live in the USA so shipping for these few pieces would be exorbitant.

so im wondering what are my options.