Any new Pibows planned for the Pi4?


I was wondering if you good Pimoroni folks might be planning any new PiBow cases for the Pi4 in the coming months? The coupe ones are great but they don’t protect the Pi quite as well as the full versions. It would be great to be able to get a Pi4 compatible full PiBow with good venting and and space for a sink and a fan inside. I’ve sort of heath-robinsed one out of a couple of old PiBow cases at the moment but it’s not half as cool as a proper one would be! I know it’s a bit moon on a stick but you don’t get if you don’t ask and all that, and it is nearly Xmas…

Cheers muchly in advance! :)

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I’ll second that ! A full size pibow that is fanshim compatible would be welcomed here. The coupe and the fanshim works well but looks a little hacked. Of course I could buy more layers, or buy 2 pibow coupe cases and longer screws to make what I’d like, but at 2x £8.50 each coupe case, I think, if users are to contemplate that, a Flirc case offers a cheaper sleek cooling solution when you factor in the cost of the fanshim with 2 coupe cases.