Pi 3B+ and PoE Hat in a PiBow?

I’m super interested in getting the new PI 3+ and the PoE Hat once it’s released for my PiAware setup.

But my question is would I be able to fit the Pi and the PoE Hat into a PiBow? I’d hate to give up on such a beautiful case!

I’d prefer for everything to fit inside, as my Pi it is in a window and does get knocked sometimes.

Looks like the PoE HAT may have a significant amount of vertical height due to an onboard fan:

It should all fit into a Pibow, but we may have to look into a custom top to accommodate the airflow for that fan and any cooling requirements for the power conversion.

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Some more pictures here, https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/poe-hat/
So how do you actually connect to it? Through the Pi Ethernet port? Those 4 extra hearer pins must go to the Ethernet port on the Pi?

You could likely ditch the fan, if you don’t have it in an enclosed space / hot environment.

That’s great a custom top would be great and not too required in terms of changes and additional work in having a specific pibow for the pi and poe hat.

I’ll keep my eye out for when the poe hat gets released, and a potentially custom pibow top.

Could I possibly get an update from the someone at Pimoroni about the custom top for the pibow that would mean I can use the pibow with the new poe hat from raspberry pi.

I noticed it can now be preordered from farnell, but couldn’t find any preorders for it on the pimoroni website.