Stackability of HATS on RaspberryPi

I would like to Use your Weather Station HAT but as I also want to change my power supply solution to POE with a Raspberry Pi’s POE HAT can i use them BOTH on my Raspberry Pi Model 3 B ?
I dont’t care That I wont see the display on the weather Hat as I think I can download data from the box outside to my PC to graph and store it.

Some things to consider.

The POE Hat, the Pi Foundation one, has to be plugged in on top of the Pi. It uses that other 4 pin header. You need a 3B"+", or 4B to use it.
Buy a PoE+ HAT – Raspberry Pi

Plugging a second hat on top of it is not easy, the POE Hat doesn’t have a stacking header. It also has a Fan on top of it, and other bits that stick up.

One possible solution using POE but not using the POE Hat would be to use the simple Passive POE cable set - it uses spare cores in the Ethernet cable feed to connect to a power source.

It doesn’t change or regulate the voltage and might drop too much voltage over a long cable feed.

There are other variations on this simple system using an active POE where you inject 48v at the router/PC end and there’s a 48v to 5v converter at the Pi end. This can provide a more reliable power feed with higher current for the Pi.

I’ve used an active POE variant to run a Pi-Zero motionEye camera from 10 metres away,

Thank you very much. That info has given me the steer I need. I’ll stick with my regulator in the box and work on it some more regarding ripple etc. Really appreciate the info :-)

Hi and thanks , This option would give me a shorter run based on my home layouts so I like the idea lot.
I’m gonna have to chew the ‘cud’ on whether to ‘stick’ or ‘twist’ on my power provision.