Piglow and Coupe case for Pi 3?

new user here and just ordered sufficient Pi stuff to run ISS-Above package for school project.
Just a minor concern that the Piglow won’t fit with the Coupe case for Pi 3.
Can anone ease my worries over this or confirm that I have ordered the wrong case, please?
Many thanks
Nibbos (Noobos)

Doesn’t fit in what way? Looking at the pictures it should just plug into the GPIO pins on top.

Ok. Think I understand. Not completely sealed box but open for pin access?
Many thanks. Nibbos

Yeah, it plugs in and sits on top of the case. My biggest pet peeve with Pi related hardware is the lack of cases to hold it all inside and protected. Once you add a Hat or pHat your basically on your own finding a way to cover it/protect it.
There are modification layers. https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/pibow-modification-layers You could add a few extensions to raise the top layer above the Piglow. And even replace the top layer with a diffuser. I’ve used the Ninja Diffuser on a few projects.

I have the laser-cutting files for the Pibow case that I then modified to
take a sound card for my Pi 2. I guess I could edit them and adapt for the
Pi 3 with the Piglow.
Thanks for your suggestions.