Pibow into Pibow Coupé?


I have looked through the store pages as well as the forum and couldn’t clarify this [seemingly petty] bit:

Is it possible to convert a regular Pibow 3 into a Coupé by removing the extra layers and mounting a separately purchased Coupé Heatsink Top?

Thank you.

yes, absolutely, both cases use the same layer 0-3 - see here.

Ah, I see - looks like I could have done a better job researching.

Thank you for the swift response! I’m off to buy my first RPi then :)

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The latest Pibow Case for 3+ is a bit different. Here is a link of assembly instructions and comparison of both Raspberry Pi 3 and 3+

Youtube Video

A suggestion … how about making layer 3 of the PiBow 3B+ case available as an extra purchase when buying a 3B+ so that people with an old case who are upgrading a Pi can re-use the old case by just swapping out that layer?
(I just tried it with a craft knife and did not do a great job … it fits but I snapped off more than I should have done)