Raspberry Pi 2 - Pi-bow Case



I managed to get a Raspberry Pi 2 before they all sold out, and I already have a B+ pi-bow case. The website seems to say that the B+ pi-bow is the same for the Pi 2 but looking at the photos the green layer looks very slightly different to mine. Has the design changed specifically for the Pi 2? Will my ‘old’ pi-bow fit?

As much as I’d like to order another pi-bow, it would be good if I didn’t get two tellings off in one day from she who must not be named (“You’ve already got two of those things, what do you need another one for?” - you get the idea).




The layer is, indeed, different to the one on the old PiBow. This means your old PiBow wont fit, sorry!

We have no plans to sell a replacement layer at the moment, since this particular layer is far too delicate to ship on its own ( a whole PiBow packed into a bag is a lot more durable ). But next time you order from us, drop a support request and ask nicely for a replacement layer to be included- you may be pleasantly surprised ;)


Okey dokey. Once the dust has settled I shall be ordering some more stuff. :)



Hi, please could you add a Coupé (red) layer for the Pi 2 to the order I’ve just placed #21029 ? I’ll also raise a support request. Thank-you.


Arggghhhh - Pi2 just arrived with a Ninja case from CPC - and it doesn’t fit! It never occurred to me that the B+ case wouldn’t fit the Pi 2 as all the stuff I’ve seen (probably only a small percentage of that publish) seemed to indicate the form factor was identical.

I’ve treated myself to the PiBow (my first - apart from the one I laser cut from your early designs) as the Pi2 may become a server. Guess I’ll have to dig out one of the horrid cheap plastic B+ cases I have for it now :-(

Your shop seems to advertise that the PiBow is suitable for B+ and 2 - so the ones in stock have been modified for the Pi 2?


@sportsnapper ahoy! Bung us a support email, or send me a PM with your address and we’ll get a replacement layer shipped out.



Just received a full Pi2 kit from a dutch retailer, unfortunately with the old model coupe. They do not have any new ones available. Is there any way for me to get a red coupe that fits?


Also in the Netherlands I received a RPI2 and it did not fit the Pibow Ninja B+ case.
I had to modify layer 3 of the case following the instructions in this post:
Modifying Ninja B+ for RPI2


I too am the proud owner of the new Pi 2, which made my son happy because he inherited my B+, and I really enjoy my original Pibow rainbow case but found it is not completely compatible. Looking for further data and/or input I found there is a difference in the third layer of the case brought about by a slightly different surface component layout on the new 2 circuit board. I believe a third layer only order would be a great idea for the masses that already own the B+ case. In the mean time a Dremel tool at a slow speed applied to four interference areas of the bottom of the third layer and walla, I’m up and running again.


We’re now stocking PiBow upgrade layers due to demand: http://shop.pimoroni.com/products/b-pibow-upgrade-layer

These will let you upgrade your old B+ case for Pi 2, although the Dremel solution seems to work pretty well too!


What i’m about to say will probably horrify some users here…
But i just basically destroyed everything but the outer edge of layer 3 on my Ninja case so the RPi2 would fit for now (and i do mean for now, as i already ordered some replacement parts).
Considering the material it’s made of it’s simple enough, and while it isn’t pretty or constructive, it works fine as a temporary solution.


I have the same problem. I ordered a Pi 2 B and a Pibow Rainbow case from MCM Electronics here in the US. Their Web site says the case would fit the 2 B, but they sent me the older version which does not. I’m sure they just didn’t realize the problem. I just wrote to them to see if they have any of the newer versions. I thought about ordering the upgrade layer, but it would cost 1 pound for the part and 5 pounds for the shipping from the UK. So, two questions:

  1. Do any of your US dealers carry the upgrade layer?
  2. Can you post a diagram (and/or laser cutter file) of the upgrade layer so I can either make my own or modify the one I have?



I’d await MCM’s reply, they might be able to help you out.
Also, modifying the existing layer will require you to basically remove most/all of the inner framework, as there are a lot of spots where it simply won’t fit.


I’m not sure our upgrade layer has disseminated to the US yet… or that it ever will… but I appreciate that you don’t want to spend £5 to get it shipped to you!

There might be something we can do, but I’ve no idea what- I’ll wave this thread under some noses!


@ciaraldi - drop an e-mail to support@pimoroni.com and we’ll sort you out :-)


Thanks, Jon – I will do that! Although I will wait to hear from MCM first; if they also have the newer cases maybe they will swap.

Oh, and maybe you can let your US dealers know about the difference in the versions of the case, so they can update the description on their Web sites.


I finally got through to MCM. They have just taken delivery of the new version of the case, and their Web site was updated today to show that the old version was no longer available. So they are sending me two of the new cases and will email me a shipping label so I can send the others back.

Thanks to MCM for fixing this, and to Pimoroni for making such awesome products!


Nice job MCM! Glad it is resolved :-)