Pibow Case


I had a Pi2 in a full size rainbow case, had the case at least 18 months if not longer.

Wanted to switch a Pi3 into case, the green slice does not fit flush on the lower blue base appearing to be slightly obstructed around the display interface. Wiggled the board etc but still not quite. Probably wont make any difference but as the Pi 2 is spot on in the case am just wondering if the early cases may not be 100% compatible.


From the Pibow3 shop page:

We’ve redesigned Pibow to be compatible with both the Raspberry Pi 3, 2 and B+. Due to changes in the layout of the Raspberry Pi 3 older Pibows (one’s with a 2/B+ label) will not work ideally with Raspberry Pi 3!

So it looks like the Pibow2 isn’t forwards-compatible, but the Pibow3 is backwards-compatible.

If you own a Dremel Tool and know how to use it, you can likely make it fit. ;)
I modified a PIBOW Zero to fit a Zero W. I just had to trim the one layer that sits right on top of the Pi. Some components were moved around. I just trimmed the plastic away where it was touching something under it.

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Sorry for late reply, yes that worked. It didn’t really visibly notice, just the layers weren’t perfect.