Pibow 3


Received my Raspberry Pi and Pibow Ninja today, unfortunately the case doesn’t fit correctly. The power socket and HDMI jack stop the layers coming together correctly (see image). Layer two is touching the bottom of the power jack, but layer 4 is touching the top of the HDMI jack. Anyone else had this issue?


I have a similar problem here, my layer 2 and 3 sit ok, but the HDMI socket is slighly higher than layer 4 and layer 5 does not sit correctly making all the rupper layers to be bent when you finish to close the Pibow.


Glad it’s not just me. Hoping I can send it back and swap it for the Coupé which doesn’t look like it suffers from this issue.


are these recently ordered Pi from us for all three of you?

… the HDMI port should not be as high as it is in your pic. Granted there is a tolerance for perspex thickness I’m not sure it can make up for it when that occurs to such an extend.

Shoot an email to support and see what they can do. Please include your order number so they have all your postal details handy!


Mine was a Pi3 ordered with the corresponding PiBow, from the first batch I suppose


I ordered my Pi3 somewhere else (one launch day) but my Pibow Rainbow ordered here have the same problem described above :(
What can I do?


I guess you either swap the Pi3 and hope to get a better one (my second one was worse than the first) or swap the Pibow for the Coupé version which seems to fit a bit better (but not perfectly).