Pi5 Pibow and Raspberry hdmi and psu cables

Hi, this is my first post.

I’m planning to purchase a Pibow case for the new Pi5 with the active cooler.

I was wondering if the Raspberry hdmi cables and psu cables are supported and fit well.
As I saw posts and Youtube videos about the Pi4 Pibow and the hdmi cable needing the plastic of the connector to be peeled off in order to fit the case.

Just wondering if you guys increased the Pi5 Pibow holes tolerance a bit more.


The layers have a cut out to accommodate chunky cables, and we’ve tried it with a bunch of different ones.

Can you link me to the posts/videos you’ve seen? Most of the instances of ‘HDMI cables not fitting’ that we’ve seen turn out to be because someone’s got some of the layers the wrong way round :)

Hi Hel, thanks! I assume you must have tried the official Raspberry 27W cable and hdmi cable?

This is the video I was referring to: https://youtu.be/7331zDccYqw?feature=shared&t=95
I can’t find the forum links, I’ll update the post if I manage to find them again, it was about the hdmi connector and the pibow pi4.


Thanks - that one looks like a very old Pibow :)

Current versions should work fine with official and most unofficial cables.

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