Problem with Pimoroni's micro HDMI adapter with rpi4 Pibow case

Hi, anybody else had issues with the micro hdmi adapter on the website when using with a Raspberry Pi 4 in a Pibow case?

I bought one at the same time as a new Raspberry Pi 4. Just trying to setup with Libreelec and got no picture. Went through all of the options including hdmi_safe but no joy. I did find that with no SD card installed a picture would come through (guessing this is the Raspberry Pi’s internal boot/check). But couldn’t get anything. Changed the HDMI cable again no change. Then noticed here about removal from case:

And noticed that no space between plastic of Piblow case and adapter. Had a second adapter handy bought off fleabay and worked straight away. Anybody else notice this? If it’s not just me then I think there could be a warning about this incompatability as I’m guessing lots of people buy all the kit together

It look’s like the white one (as it’s got branding guess this is official) has got a smaller molding on it’s connector so would work better.

Thanks, Will

I haven’t had this issue with any of the official Pi Foundation cables and Pibow cases. I did have one cable that was iffy if I didn’t press the Pi end in firmly. I moved the Pi in the case a bit and it was fine after that.