Cannot use mini hdmi with Official Pi Zero Case

Hi, I bought the official Pi Zero case a few years ago and never used it (the one with the three lids)

I recently bought a Pi Zero without the GPIO header with the aim of using it with the case and a Pi Camera, however, I’ve found that the mini hdmi adaptor does not go inside the case slot far enough to engage. I’ve tried two adaptors - an official white one and another one that I’d bought for my dSLR. It appears that the front of the hdmi socket on the Zero isn’t flush with the PCB but actually set back approx 1-2mm. (the Zero is correctly seated in the case) - has anyone else had this problem…?

I’ve used the adapter with a Zero W in the Official Pi Zero case no problem. The white adapter that comes in the kits for the Zero.

with the case open i think if you hold down on the pizero when pushing the adapter in i migh help ,i just check 6 of my pi zeros and the hdmi socket stick out pass the PCB slightly on all of them, where did you buy the pizero , also fake cases[maybe just Pi 3 one’s ] ,there Chinese fake/knockoff out there too

Looking at mine, the HDMI sticks out slightly from the edge of the circuit board. It is recessed slightly in the case. Its set back from the outside edge of the case. Is this a Zero W or one of the earlier Zero’s? All I have on hand are Zero W’s.

The product pictures show them as protruding out over the edge.

Thanks for all the replies everyone - the Zero case and mini-hdmi adapter were bought from Pimoroni and the Zero was bought from,erm, how can I put this, think Pizza Hut, but without the zza. I’ve since tried again and I’ve now found that as long as I give the plug a good shove it does work! I would say that, whilst the socket does protrude fractionally beyond the edge of the PCB, the usb sockets protrude more.

i find if i open the case and hold down the hdmi socket it make it a bit easier , after looking closer after my other comments, i realize its not the best fit for sure

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I have mixed feelings about the official Pi zero cases. They look nice but have deficiencies. One big one is you have to take the Pi out to swap Micro SD cards. And no way to see the status LED if you have the cover on. I also couldn’t get my official camera to lock in to the camera cover without modifying that cover.
That being said I still use them as I like how they look. I’ve drilled holes in the covers so I can see the status LED etc. Thinking back I do believe I had your issue once, and had to firmly press the HDMI adapter in to get a signal. After that its just habit to firmly press the adapters in. You can get video cables with mini HDMI on one end, I have a couple here as thats the connector on my PC’s Video card.

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