Pi Zero Case

Am I the only one dreaming of a slick Pi Zero case with inbuilt wifi, several full size USB ports and a full size HDMI ?

Sounds like you’re looking for a RasPi 2

Got several of them. Like the “stick” form factor of the Zero so imagining the ports on top.


That’d be quite good. think you have to use a hub though, cause GPIO won’t give USB- I don’t think.

I want some sort of usb “reverser”. something like a circuit board with a micro usb plug (JUST long enough to go into the pi) on the bottom, and a full usb socket on the top. When you plug it in it reverses the direction of the port and gives you a full size usb that is above the pi not to the side.

I wish I could draw what I meant!

I agree mate, it’s boring these ‘its not got X,Y or Z’ posts. Can we stop the meme now?

Isn’t half the fun trying to mould it into what you want? :)

Someone has beaten you to it.

Perfect. Now for someone to put that in a slick case.