USB Hub for PiZero idea


Hi All,

I’m planning on making an addon board for the Pi Zero that acts as a USB hub for it.

The idea was to have something with the same form factor that can be fitted underneath or on top of a pi zero that either has a micro USB cable to connect to the OTG connector, or just some wires that could be soldered onto the pads PP22 & PP23 (Similar to this hack:

If it was a powered hub, it could even hook into the Pi Zero power connector to power both the hub and zero off the one adapter.

The only thing that’s stumped me is that I’ve got no clue how to make a USB hub. Is the PiHub that Pimoroni released a few years ago open source? Or is there even a good open source USB Hub design out there that I could copy?



A good starting point is to look at how the USB hub the B+ is wired in. Maybe even use that chip as then it’s already known to work. The foundation have the board files for the B+ so just cut of the A+ part from the B+. :) If you see what I mean.


The hub sounds like a great idea. I’m tempted by the hack you linked to as well - thanks! :)


Great idea, thanks! I’ll post back here once I’ve got something.