Power Pi over USB while ZEROLiPO is connectet

Hi all,

I have solder my ZEROLiPO direct to the Header on my PiZero. It is now possible to power the Pi over USB?
Will the on-board Power-converter be damage the ZEROLiPO over revers-voltage?
There is no LiPO connected to the ZEROLiPO.
I’ve tried it and at the ZEROLiPO the power-led and lowBat-led light up. So, I’m not shure ;-)

Many Thanks

The pi should be fine.

Bump. I also wonder this.

1a. Is it safe to power the Pi via its onboard micro USB connector, while the Zero LiPo is still connected to the GPIO pins?

1b. And if yes, would it make any difference if there is a LiPo battery connected to the Zero LiPo JST?