Lipo shim with USB Power


Apologies if this has been answered before. I am planning on direct soldering the Lipo Shim. However, during development I would like to power my PI via USB. Can I do so without damaging the shim? Also, can I do this with the LiPo connected, or should it be disconnected when powering my pi via USB?

Many thanks

Usually you don’t want two power supplies feeding the one load. If they don’t have the exact same voltage they will fight each other and it usually doesn’t end well.
There is an enable pin on the lipo shim that you could use to turn it off when you power the Pi via USB. Unpluging the battery should do the same thing.
The big question, that I don’t know the answer too, is: is the lipo shim back power protected. If it is leaving it connected but turned off should be fine. Somebody from Pimoroni will have to answer that question. I don’t see a link to a schematic for it on the product page.