LiPo shim voltage range


What is the maximum supply voltage for the LiPo shim? Can I use 5v on VBat?


According to this, yes. I think I’d stil want confirmation from somebody at Pimoroni before I do it though. And one wonders why? I do believe the fully charged voltage of a lipo cell is 4.7V, or there abouts.


I want to build a UPS with it. If I connect diodes from 5v and the LiPo cell and then connect the two together to the shim, then it would only discharge the battery if there is no voltage from the 5v supply.


Because when I turned on the LiPo shim, I could not power the raspberry from it’s micro usb port. My meter showed 0 amps. The raspberry was powered from the battery and not from the USB port.


A Powerboost will do what you want,
The 1000c and 500c can recharge the battery. And both will power the PI without discharging the battery if they have a 5V source feeding power in their Micro USB port. I’m using 1000c’s in several of my Pi projects.

EDIT: And the powerboost will just keep running like nothing happened if the 5V in disappears. It will just run on battery until it gets low and then turn off to save damaging the battery.


Thank you for your help! The powerboost is definitely a better solution.