LiPi Shim with Adafruit Lipo charger

I’ve got a question about the lipo shim and the adafruit lipo charger (ADA1904).
Is it possible to solder the wires from the lipo charger directly onto the battery? Somehow I have a feeling that’s not so smart :)

If you’re intending to try and charge while drawing power from the battery/charger then no- that would be unwise.

The charger relies on the behaviour of the battery throughout its charge cycle in order to regulate the input voltage. If you attach some other load in parallel with the LiPo then the charger at best wont be able to do its job properly and in the worst case may try to output voltages that could damage that load, the LiPo or both.

Thanks for this clear answer.

Late to the forum, but, to do what you planned, Ada does have a charger that switches from 5VDC power to lithium battery power.

Oh, sorry, that was rude. I should paste in the link to this device being sold by pimoroni.

Now that I read the descripion, I might have to buy one myself.