Charging lipo batteries

I got a couple of lipo packs from

but just realized I don’t have a way to charge them.

Given the scary warnings and the need to avoid a Samsung level disaster,
thought I’d ask here what chargers are compatible and whether pimoroni
stock them?

Looks like they do a couple:

Thanks Tomm, I did see those but also saw the caveat

“only for use with adafruit batteries”

and I’m too much of a noob to know if that’s a real thing.

Oh right, sorry I didn’t catch that. The voltages all seem to match up tho’ :S

FWIW Adafruit do seem to sell the same type of LiPo:

OK, I’ll do a bit of spec checking for peace of mind but that all sounds
reasonable. Thanks!

our Lipos are essentially the same as those sold by Adafruit. The chargers @major_tomm linked above are in fact what we recommend to use with them.

Just to add to this, I can confirm that I use one of the Adafruit chargers to charge our lipos, with no fieryness thus far. :-)

Thanks all, your lack of burns is reassuring.

Does anyone know if these wee Adafruit USB chargers “switch off” when the cell is charged? It says a green LED comes on, so it presumably can sense the cell is ready for use.

I have an LCD with lithium batteries, these lithium batteries should also be non-rechargeable, right?