Minimal cost WORKING Ethernet adapter for Pi zero

Hi All, Has anyone found a cheap ethernet to (micro)USB adapter that WORKS with RPi? There are some very cheap chinese ones on ebay, but the chipset they use has a faulty driver which crashes the Linux kernel after a short time. I’m hoping someone has done the leg-work on this already and has a recommendation for sourcing low cost Ethernet adapters that work.



Can vouch for those ones. Rock solid. Great for quickly swapping mouse keyboard and ethernet quickly between several Pis too.

I have one of these and they’re great! However they’re expensive compared with the cost of a zero, and I want to deploy multiple zeros with just ethernet (no need for additional ports). There are the “very” cheap devices on ebay, (the “9700” types) which don’t work (bug in the Linux driver) so I was hoping folks had experience with other “not quite so cheap” chinese devices.