Problema in usb hub with ethernet

I have problems with usb hub with Ethernet in pi zero, I just put a new copy of raspian but ethernet si faulty, I check all, power, routers and cable.
After hours of analisys in different routers and cables I can’t setup it: it simply don’t connect also if driver dm9610 works ok (trace show eth0 up and link up when I insert cable, after negotiation no connection is made).
I think it is a faulty network chip, how I can send back to check and change with working one?

If it’s this one, I have three of them and they all work just fine on my Pi Zero’s running Raspbian. Mind you the only time I’ve ever used the ethernet jacks was just to doublecheck that they actually work. I for the most part use the WIFI. It sounds like you got a bum hub. Rare but happens. If you click the red Shop link at the top of the page, then go to the bottom of that page there should be a “contact us” link. Click that and detail your issue, then see what they say. Or wait and see if somebody from Pimoroni replies here. I’m not skilled enough in Linux to tell you what diagnostics etc to try?

Can you tell us more specifics of what hardware doesn’t work? The Pi zero doesn’t have Ethernet (only Wifi if you have a zero W) Are you using the hub that alphanumeric suggested? I use a USB2.0 to Ethernet adapter with my Pi zero and it works very well. Plug and Play.

Thank you very much alphanumeric, I try with contacts because I think it is the one milion that does’t work.
I know that it is cheap and slow but mine doesn’t connect…
Thank you very much

It might have got dropped banged around during shipping. I have to say I’ve had nothing but good experience’s here with getting stuff replaced due to defects etc. IMHO these guys and girls are top notch support wise.