USB Hub with Ethernet Micro USB Connector not working

Ahoy mi hearties,
I recently purchased a USB Hud with Ethernet Micro usb connector from you.
Plugging it into my Pi Zero with a wireless keyboard and mouse adaptor and an ethernet cable, then plugged in the power and the lights come on in the USB Hub where the adaptor is and ethernet cable light comes on, in a rather nice shade of blue.
Pi Zero goes thru its start up routine but I see no sign of the wireless adaptor in the scrolling texts. When Pi Zero completes start up I cannot use keyboard or mouse and there is no ethernet connection.

I am writing this on the Pi Zero using an official Raspberry powered USB hub with the radio adaptor and a USB to Ethernet connector plugged in that I have been using for a while so any ideas why your USB Hub not working?

What power supply are you using for this setup?

Using a 2 amp 5 volt DC wall wart