Help with Pi Zero W and pan tilt hat

I know this seems like a stupid question, but is it possible to plug your Pimoroni pan tilt hat into the Pi Zero W gpio headers the wrong way around?

I cannot see/google any information about the pinout of this board. Can you provide any information about which way around you plug the headers of the Pi Zero into the Hat?

Or can you tell me which way to do this, point me at an illustration, photo or anything in the right direction?

Sorry this is such an elementary problem.


Pinout is here,
Official page is here,
You plug it into the Pi like any other Hat, with the 4 mounting holes lined up and the headers mated…

For a Pi Zero, you want the edge next to the header on the pan tilt flush with the edge next to the header on the Zero.

Thanks for this. As you know, the 4 mounting holes do not line up with the Zero. And you can plug it in upside down.

So just as a double check - the printed part of the pan tilt board that says Power, I2C UART etc is on the side where the power/usb/hdmi ports are on the Zero?

Yes I do believe that is correct.

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Working now! Just ran an experimental script - Thanks so much!

Good stuff, have fun. Put some stand offs (pointing down) in the mounting holes on the far side opposite the Pi and it should stand up almost level.

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