Header for Raspberry Pi-Zero

I’ve got a Raspberry Pi-Zero and I’d like to learn about using it for projects like wiring it up to LED’s. I understand that I have to solder a header to it. Can anyone direct me to which header I should buy from this shop?



Here ya go, just the header: https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/male-40-pin-2x20-hat-header

Or the adapter kit: https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/zero-adaptor-kit

Thanks for you reply. Lots of the projects I’ve looked at seem to have a kind of breadboard where wires are stuck into. Is that something I put on top of the header once it’s soldered onto the pi-zero?

Might have been a female header soldered in? https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/2x20-pin-gpio-header-for-raspberry-pi-2-b-a

Great thanks. I was looking at this video of how to solder a header to the zero and figure that is was I need. I’m assuming the link you posted will fit a pi-zero right?
Thanks for your help.

Yup should be fine (any 2x20 will do).

That’s great. Thanks again.

be careful with fitting female headers - this will make it impossible, or at least complicate fitting a HAT or pHAT in the future.

… unless you have an extremely compelling reason to do so for a particular project I would advise against, though there is no fast and hard rule and it’s great to have the option!

also, note that the second link posted is a special type of header, not a standard female as in the video you posted.

… could be useful in some cases though it would be a fairly unusual choice for a zero, though again depends on the project requirements.

IMHO, if you just want to experiment with the GPIO, then a pin/male header as initially suggested by @major_tomm is the logical choice. If you are worried about the pins getting bent then a (pibow) case should ensure minimal risk in transport.

Ah, didn’t realise sorry, I assumed it would work as a female header if you flipped it over, but the picture doesn’t show the other side.

no worries… you could use it as a female header, with pin access on the other side, or the opposite, if for some reason that was what you were after.

… angled headers are yet another option, which can lead to some head scratching, but useful in the right context.

so, yes, loads of options, none really wrong, but I’d say what comes in the adapter kit, which obviously mimics the pre-soldered option found atop other Pis models, is the least likely to lock you out of repurposing the Pi at a later stage.

I get it now. I can use female to male jumper cables to plug into say a breadboard from the pi-zero. I just got confused with the whole male/female thing. Many thanks for all you help. I’m looking forward to ordering stuff tomorrow although I’m not looking forward to all that soldering. Thanks again.