Info Unicorn pHAT

Hi, I purchased the Unicorn pHAT card, I only read after a soldering is needed. Is there an alternative way to avoid soldering?
sorry for the silly question, but I’m not capable,

thanks !

There are the press fit Hammer headers, no soldering required.

Or the Pogo pins, you’ll need a Pi Zero with no GPIO header installed though.

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I have these as in the attached photo, which one should I use?
Thank you and for silly questions but I’m trying to learn :-)

The all-pins connector on the left is expected to be fitted long-pins facing upwards to the Pi-Zero so it will look like the larger Raspberry Pi boards.

The all-socket connector on the right is fitted facing downwards on the pHAT so it will mate with the Pi-Zero or regular pre-fitted Raspberry Pi connector.

If those are the normal stock headers, which they appear to be, they need to be soldered.
The hammer headers are friction fit and look different.
Orientation is as mentioned above. The header on the left in your picture is called a male header. It goes on the Pi.
The header on the right is called a female header, it goes on the backside or bottom of the Hat or pHat.

thank you for reply.
Are those of the essential raspberry kit, are normal headers, then I buy Pogo-a-go-go Solderless.

Can I use Pogo-a-go-go for all boards that require soldering? For example Explorer pHAT, Scroll Bot ?

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Mostly yes, as mentioned on the pogo description, you need to check your phat uses 10 or less pins including all the used earth/0 volt pins.
You’ll come unstuck though if you want to use a hat/phat that is pre-fitted with a female header as you can’t use pogo pins with them - the zero will need a male header on it for those.

The Unicorn pHat uses 10 pins. Mostly ground pins, but it won’t work unless you hook them all up.

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If I use the Raspberry Pi Zero WH I can connect the Unicorn pHAT card without soldering and without hammer / GPIO Pogo Pins ?

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No, the Unicorn pHat would also require a female header soldered on it.

For what its worth, non of the other Unicorn boards require soldering. I have a Unicorn Hat HD and a Unicorn Mini on the way. Both have female headers already attached. As does the Unicorn Hat. Soldering is no big deal for me but, I’m all for having them pre attached. One less thing to have to do.