Soldered headers to wrong side of Explorer pHat


I have managed to solder the headers to the wrong side of my Explorer pHat (inexperienced!) - I’m assuming therefore that it’s unusable as the holes in the header (technical term?) will not match up to the correct pins on the Pi Zero.
I don’t mind just buying a new one, but wondered if there were any other options - desoldering it seems like it might be fiddly, since the soldering iron I was using was a cheap one and the soldering not brilliant. I also don’t have a desoldering pump and would rather spend the money I might spend on that on a better soldering iron.
Is there anything I can use to connect the correct pins from the Zero to the right holes on the Explorer? I have seen some 40-pin jumper cable strips - would something like this work?

Any advice would be much appreciated…


Explorer pHAT only uses the these pins, so you could just use jumper cables to connect them up to the correct pins?


Thanks, it hadn’t occurred to me I would need to connect them all.


I mean wouldn’t need to!


If you have not soldered the pizero header,then you could solder it up-side down and it would work.


In all honesty, it’s worth spending a bit of money on a decent desoldering pump. It’ll be worth it - even after soldering for years you will inevitably make mistakes, and for what a good one costs it’s a no brainier.