Is it possible to remove the hammer-in connectors on a Pi or pHAT?

As my question suggests, once you’ve hammered in the male and / or female GPIO connectors, can you remove them again? And if so, how?

I’ve got my own Pi Zero W that I want to use in a proof-of-concept for work, but I want the option of removing the pins once I’ve tested it. No real biggie, as they’re $16 AUD, but just wondered.

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It might be possible to remove the pins but that header would not work again nor would you be able to use hammer headers with that zero again. In future you would have to solder to the zero.

If I were to remove the headers I would remove the black plastic and then pluck each one out individually with some needl nose pliers.

Hope that helps!

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I have successfully removed and reused the headers on a Pi Zero. The headers and the Pi both work. I wouldn’t make this a habit.