Hammer header with button shim

Just starting with 3B+ and add-on boards.

As my soldering is unreliable I have purchased hammer headers to connect pHats.
I am starting to play with the button shim which comes with a standard header,
I assume that I can use a female hammer-header in its place ?

The hammer header video only talked about Pi Zeros and pHats.

Sorry for such an elementary question !

You could likely cut a full sized female header down to only the pins you need for the on off shim. Or even use the whole header. And carefully push that into the on off shim. The button on the end may make tricky or impossible though? I don’t have those headers of the insertion tool myself.

I should have mentioned that my above advise is a do at your own risk type of deal. ;)

I soldered my on off shim right to the 40 pin header and then put the hat on top, i never used the on off shim’s header .I did it this way because i have no plans of using this Pi with any other hat’s