A few product compatibility questions from a noob


Dear friends,
I’m trying to do a security camera DIY project, and I need a bit of help figuring out some extra info not available in the product descriptions.

Lets start:

Thank you so much for your help everyone!
Have a nice day,


I’ve used the 6mm heatsink on a Zero W. It will fit in the Official Pi Zero case, with the stock cover or the one with the GPIO cutout. Won’t work with the camera cover if you have a camera mounted inside though. There just isn’t enough room for both.
If you mount your Pi Zero in the fake camera, without any case you should be able to use the tall heatsink, the 7.5 mm one. Just mount the Pi zero on standoffs with no case. That should give you the best cooling.
As far as other cameras go, https://shop.pimoroni.com/?q=camera