Button shim / Pi zero questions

is the pcb the same thinkness as the pico hacker?

also can you fit a Pi zero with a GPIO header fitted into the official Pi zero case where the pins come out of the bottom (red part) of the case? ie already soldered in place

I ask because you cant access the gpio pins with the PiCam top in place.


Yep the pcb is the same thickness

And Yep a pi zero with a soldered header will fit in the official case you just need to swap the lid with the rectangular cut out for the header

what if the header is solder the other way up?

I’d be surprised if the Pi would fit in the case with the Button Shim soldered to the bottom. You could solder it to the bottom outside the case, but you’d never be able to remove the Pi if you did that. Assuming you mean to solder it right to the Pi’s GPIO header.

The Pi Zero should fit in the case with the header soldered pointing down. It won’t sit flat on any surface though. It will be sitting on the pins. Be careful plugging any hats in, the pins will all be reversed if you use a hat with its female header soldered on the normal way.

I would solder a female header (upside down) to the button shim so I could plug it into the ‘upside down’ gpio header poking out of the red part of the official Pi Zero case

answered my own question

Unfortunately whilst fiddling with the pictures I spotted my mistake!!

I soldered the header on the wrong ******* Pi (it should have been a Pi zero W) DOH!!!

I would have used the female header on the Pi and male on the button shim, but what ever works for you and gets the job done. .