Official Zero case fit OnOff SHIM?

Hi everyone. I’m looking to create a little Squeezebox server using a Zero. I’d like to have the zero in a case along with an on/off button so that it can easliy be turned off by anyone, not just me. Hence it needs to be reasonably foolproof and therefore the need of a switch.

From looking at the SHIM I’m not sure where its actual button is, in the corner? In any case it doesn’t like like the official case will actually hold the shim. Could anyone tell me if this is the case? And if not, can a case be suggested which does actually support the OnOff shum?

Any advice greatly appreciated.

The built in button is in the corner right next to the Micro USB power jack. The contacts for adding your own button are in the opposite corner where it says BTN.
I don’t think you’ll be able to attach the case cover with the shim on top of the Pi. Not and have the shim inside the case. Even if you solder it right to the Pi’s GPIO as low as possible. It will likely fit on top of the case if you solder on a female header and plug it into the GPIO. It will be exposed that way though.
You might be able to fab something up with two PIBOW Zero cases, and a set of the long mounting bolts.

Put the first case together normally, but use the extended bolts. I’d put them up through the bottom. Then put a set of the nuts on top. Plug your on off shim in, then use one of the layers from the second PIBOW as a top cover. Might work? You might have to put two nuts on to get enough room for the on off shim.
Or use one pibow, the long bolt pack and the pHat diffusor as a cover.

Thanks so much for your replies @alphanumeric I hadn’t considered going the route using the pibow (I’m not a fan of its funky looks!) but paired with the diffusor, its adaptability looks like it could do the job. If not it’ll be fun and instructive trying! :)

I have mixed feeling about the PIBOW cases. I have one of the original Pi Zero ones. One drawback is you can’t remove the Micro SD card once its all together. So make sure your card is inserted before you put it all together. My PIBOW for the Pi A+ has access to the MICRO SD card. The one PIBOW I really liked, the Midnight Eclipse, they don’t sell anymore. =( I personally prefer all one color over the rainbow layers etc.

@alphanumeric I agree totally about the case colours. I was very surprised to discover that the rainbow one is the only version available. A straight black (or white) would be far more desirable for a reasonable amount of people I’d of thought. I like colour, but in this case, I just want a small black box.
I didn’t know that about the non removeable SD card. Seems a very odd design decision. I’m still minded to get the case though in the lack of any better ideas…

I cut mine with my dremel tool so I can remove the card without taking it all apart. I need to use forceps or tweezers but its now doable.
All clear would work for me. All black would look nice too I think. My guess is the different colors is an attempt to make assembly easier? Best guess anyway. Another thing I’d like to see is an opening (square hole) for a heat sink. Say that on the official Raspberry Pi forum and they quickly tell you its not needed. Needed or not, I like how it looks with a heatsink on it. =)

One of my biggest pet peeves, is if you add a Hat or pHat, good luck finding a case to hold it all and protect it all. I’ll give credit where credit is di, Pimoroni do have a few custom Pibows for audio Hats etc. And the custom diffusers. But other than that its slim pickings.
I’ve use the diffusers as covers in a few of my project

Good stuff! :) The diffusers work well.

I have found a few black cases on a certain auction site. There’s also a very roomy black Zero case, which looks like it’ll hold several Hats if needed. You’d have to wait a while though as it’s from China.

I resorted to this on one build. Everything is mounted with stand offs, except the battery. Pi A+ with two Proto hats and a sense hat. And a few other odds and ends. It was a watertight enclosure. Its now weather resistant I guess. It has ventilation holes along the bottom and sides to let hot air out and hopefully keep rain and snow out. Its been out in some heavy rain and been fine.

All my Pi project build pictures are here if you want to have a look see.!AjOYwiwlwDtpgUMsp2qnevKpGEHb
Its my public OneDrive folder. One of the few good uses of Windows lol.

I use a on/off shim,and i own multiple different cases and everyone of them would need to be cut with a dremel type tool to make it usable.,and the issue with this is the on off button is really small and doesn’t stick out much

You can add your own switch, wired to those two BTN terminals / solder points. Likely still requires some dremel work. Round holes are easier to make than square ones though. ;)
I find those little button a bit hard to use with my nubby fingers anyway. It’s one of the reasons I add my own bigger ones to my pirate radio.