Pi5 & pibow with activew cooler

How do you fit a pibow to a pi5 with active cooler already fitted? do niot want to cut the fixing to get the coo,ler removed.

I don’t have a Pi 5 or that Pibow case, just so you know.

I don’t think you can? It looks to me like its, attach case, then active cooler. At least one layer of the Pibow extends into free space under end of the cooler.

Yep, layer 3 goes between the cooler and the Pi so you’ll have to remove the cooler to fit the Pibow. You can squeeze the bottom of the plastic bolts that hold the cooler in place to remove it (and the thermal pads unpeel pretty easily).

Thank you @hel - I was struggling with this too.

I was able to remove the active cooler and fit layer 3. There was a spare nut in the “spanner” supplied with the kit - I used it to keep the layer that activates the power switch in the right position.

I do need to adjust the frame so the power lead for the active cooler can be inserted properly.