PiBow does not fit on HDMI

Hi, I just got a new Raspberry pi 2B with a PiBow Ninja (2&B+ model).
When I put it together I noticed that the HDMI-port a little bit high.

Am I just stupid or had the HDMI-port changed?

It looks like that HDMI port is riding a little high up! Does it appear to be fully seated on the Raspberry Pi properly?

There is some space between the board and the HDMI-port.

Hmmm. The port does look a little high. I’ll see if we can dig out a chunky Pibow to help matters. In the meantime, ease the bolts off a little, as it’ll hold fine and not bow so much :-)

Could you drop an email to support@pimoroni.com with your address, and we’ll get you sorted :)

Done! And thank you for the quick response!