Have I got the right Pibow coupé for my Pi 3?


I ordered a Pi 3 and Pibow Coupé (from another supplier) on the day of the Pi 3 launch.

The Pibow Coupé I have does not have the hole in the roof, for CPU ventilation, like I see in the pictures at the Pimoroni website.

The packaging for the case says that it is for the Pi 2 B+. So it looks like I do not have the modified case for the Pi 3.

Would it be harmful for the Pi if I use this older version of the case?


it depends how hard you push the Pi, though in any event the CPU will be throttled back if temperature gets uncomfortably high - so damage wouldn’t occur, but performance may be impacted.

I would monitor the temperature for a while and if it stays below 70-75 most of the time then I don’t think you have to worry. If not, or you feel more comfortable doing so, you can purchase the new style coupé from:



Is it just the Coupé Heatsink top that I need? Is that the same top as on the Coupé 3 case?

Are there any other layers that have changed with the Coupé 3?

My layer 3 has actually snapped, in the weak area between the LAN and AV connectors.


Most of the layers have been redesigned to give easier access to the SD. You can always drop an email to support@pimoroni.com and ask nicely if they can help.