Pibow Coupe 4, RPi4, and ICE Tower

After “fighting the good fight” for many years against the demise of software support for 32-bit hardware, I decided to embrace 64-bits… but in a different way: the Raspberry Pi 4. I’m curious to see how well my due-to-arrive RPi4-8GB functions as a replacement for a 20-year-old P4 3.0GHz/4GB desktop workstation. I learned how susceptible the unit is to overheating, and that active cooling is an absolute “must” – especially if I end-up having to overclock the cpu. So, I opted for an ICE Tower cooling fan – along with a Pibow Coupe 4 (rainbow) case.

The issue: I watched the “Building your Pibow” video and noticed what appears to be a “difficulty” between the case’s assembly order and the installation instructions for the ICE Tower. Specifically, the ICE Tower support framework sits atop standoffs (legs) that are secured to the RPi4 board from the board’s underside; however, access to the underside is blocked by the Level 0 layer of the case.

My thought (and it’s only conjecture, since I’m still waiting for the board to arrive) is to attach the ICE Tower legs to the RPi4 before placing it atop Layer 2 of the case. Next, carefully place Layer 3 and Layer 4, secure all five layers, and only then finish installing the ICE Tower.

Anyway, that seems correct… to me. Has anyone already done this? Want to share?

Longest journeys… single steps…

The Pi 4B can get hot, very hot if it’s working hard. It can’t overheat though, it will throttle back the CPU to keep the temperature below the upper limit of 80c. If that happens it will hurt performance but no heat damage can occur.
That being said, if you have a Dremel tool or a drill handy you could make 4 holes in layer 0 for the bottom stand offs. Or not use the bottom 4 standoffs and just put screws in there instead. Or just don’t use layer 0.
You may have to skip using the top layer too, I’m thinking its going to be in the way.

I like the Pibow Coupe cases, I have several Black ones in use here. I use the Fan Shim on my 4B’s. Just heatsinks on everything else though.

Done 'n dusted. After removing the protective coverings from the Pibox layers (a dental probe proved best) I mounted the standoffs for the ICE Tower onto the RPi4 board without fully tightening the screws. Next, I placed layers 3 and 4 over them, making sure the standoffs were properly positioned, and then snugged the screws down. Finally, I assembled the case’s layers and secured them with the nylon bolts and nuts. All’s well that ends well.